Made of Candy

Traditional Painting /Oils

“Made of Candy” is this world made of it and or is it just sugar coded?


Something about my work:

I don’t usually talk about my work, but I would like to share some things about the process. Generally the ideas that I have to produce paintings come from my surroundings; my house, what I do, what I eat or just the things I like. The idea of painting an airplane made of taffy came from where I work and and what I like.

Where I work we usually keep some kind of candy for the public. I saw it as a resource or material that could be use as clay, colorful and sweet . I also have to say that I like toys for the same reason and because they have always been a little mysterious to me.

Putting these two things together I made my candy airplane on a piece of board. After that I tried to stage a source of light to obtain the subtle shadows that I was looking for. This step is very important because what I’m looking for to create is an optical illusion of 3D. I want to trick the eye and brain to believe that the candy is as real as the canvas where it is painted on.

I believe, like the song “something good” says: nothing comes from nothing. Ideas are there, where we take them is what makes the difference. Is interesting that our eye, brain and hand is capable of reproducing images with fidelity, but this is just a tool. What we do to produce something by adding our own improvements, experiences and our print is what separates reproducing something that exists and makes it into something personal.

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